CookPerfect Comfort

Get ready to use your mighty abilities as king of the grill to establish your role as the true alpha male of your street with the CookPerfect starter pack.


CookPerfect Sense

Right. You want a little extra. This additional sensor for your CookPerfect starter pack lets you do more than one type of meat at a time. Go get it!


CookPerfect Dual Sensor Pack

Okay. You obviously want the full package. As you wish. It seems you truly are the leader of the pack. Time to let them all know. It is on!


Our customers say:

"Trying out the CookPerfect meat thermometer which worked flawlessly for its first time and I'm very impressed"

- Adrian, Australia

Our customers say:

"The next level of meat thermometers is right here. Awesome meat thermometer hands down!"

- Mike, USA

Our customers say:

"CookPerfect is the best name for this thermometer! Regardless how big your steak is, you will always get a perfect meat. With several measuring points to be analyzed you do not have to hit the middle of the steak"

- Jurgen, Germany

Our customers say:

"Testing the CookPerfect Thermometer and it works great - so easy to use, thanks for the Intelligent Thermometer and the accompanying App"

- Shayne, Canada

Our customers say:

"CookPerfect takes the stress out of grilling by doing the hard work - it accurately monitors temperatures and predicts cooktime with the help of an intelligent app"

- Steffen, Denmark

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