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How can you be so sure to get the core temperature right?

– We have developed an algorithm which uses five measuring points to calculate the coldest point in the meat (the core temperature). Just make sure to insert the thermometer through the center of the meat.

Can the CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer tell me when the meat will be finished and ready to serve?

– Yes. Using the accompanying app, set your targeted cooking temperature (e.g. 54 degrees Celsius), press “start” on the app and after 5 minutes our algorithm will tell you when the meat reach 54 degrees.

What happens if the grill’s temperature changes?

– Our algorithm continuously calculates the time needed to cook the meat. This means that if the grill’s temperature changes, cooking time will adjust accordingly.

How many pieces of meat can I measure simultaneously with the CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer?

– You can measure two pieces of meat simultaneously – using two different thermometers – and follow them in the app.

What does the CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer include?

– Our standard package is the CookPerfect Comfort, consisting of one receiver and one thermometer

What is the max temperature limit of the sensor?

– 300°C (575°F)

– Avoid that the Sensor gets in direct contact with grill even if air temperature is below 300°C (575°F) as temperature of the Grill can exceed much higher temperature.

Can the CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer be used in all kinds of meat?

– Yes

Can the CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer be used for anything other than cooking meat?

– Yes, CookPerfect is also perfect for measuring your cooking temperature during bakery and cooking of vegetables. BUT the CookPerfect CANNOT be immersed in water or liquids!

Can CookPerfect be used in oven or smokers?

– Yes it will work perfectly.

Can the Receiver be placed inside the Oven?

– NO! DO NOT put the receiver inside Ovens, grills and other heating elements.

Can CookPerfect be used in microwaves?

– NO! Don´t use CookPerfect in a microwave as it will damage the appliance and product.

Which platforms are supported?

– iOS and Android are supported

My App shows new firmware is available - what does it mean?

– We continuously improve our product, including the software in the receiver. This software in the receiver is called firmware. It is always recommended to upgrade if new firmware is available.



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