CookPerfect Comfort – Dual Pack


What you get (and much more):

  • 1 CookPerfect receiver – beautiful and smooth Stainless steel top cover
  • 1 patented Dark Red CookPerfect Sense for consistently perfect result based on multiple measurement points
  • 1 patented Dark Orange CookPerfect Sense for consistently perfect result based on multiple measurement points
  • Auto-detection of the color for each sensor in the App for easy monitoring of 2 cookings
  • Time for when your food is done
  • Measurement of the air temperature (integrated in CookPerfect Sense)
  • Market leading Bluetooth range
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Every millimeter counts!

Using regular thermometers, the temperature is only measured at the tip of the probe. This makes measuring the core temperature pretty complicated, as it requires you to hit the core of the meat precisely.

In fact, missing the core by just one centimetre can give a difference of up 10 degrees – the difference in cooking results from a Medium-rare to a Medium-done.

The CookPerfect monitors the temperature multiple places in the meat and then calculates the core temperature as well as the heat flow into the meat.

The package contain

Beautifully receiver with a Stainless steel top cover and TWO patented world-class sensors guarantees perfection whether you are cooking a combination of meat, vegetables or bread – you will be able to cook to perfection. Batteries are included – CookPerfect is ready out of the box.

CookPerfect is without a doubt the most sophisticated thermometer on the market. Often used as a meat thermometer on bbq´s, smokers, gasgrills or even charcoal grills around the globe, the patented CookPerfect technology always deliver consistently perfect cooking result.

So if you want to take it up a notch buy our Dual package with two sensor and you will get total control of your cookings.

CookPerfect Comfort – Dual Pack

CookPerfect Comfort – Dual Pack